“Highly Entertaining. Very creative and energetic show. Surpassed expectations.” – Siemens


Nick is top rated talent. His quick humor, insanely captivating magic, professionalism and overall energy made our event a huge success. Best Magician I’ve ever seen.

– Jaguar Land Rover, Automaker

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A unique experience

What kind of Magic are you looking for?

Strolling Illusions

For any group size, a great intimate, interactive ice-breaker for any social gathering. Watch Nick perform close-up and sleight-of-hand magic happening inches in front of your face using borrowed items from the guests. Best suited at events where guests mingle and interact.

Close-Up / Stand-Up Show

Great for groups of 10 – 100. Nick’s stand-up show incorporates a combination of sleight of hand magic and larger tricks and illusions with full audience participation. Best suited for receptions, dinner parties or even a backyard BBQ.

Stage Show

For large groups 100+. Nick’s energetic stage performance blends sophisticated magic, sharp humor and euphoric mentalism into one epic show. Performance can be customized with messaging and branding for a high-impact experience.

What people are saying about Nick…

“Nick’s style of entertainment is sheer, unique, mind-blowing ecstasy.”
– Epsilon

Kevin Dillon - Actor, "Entourage"

“Nick entertained for my Birthday party at a nightclub when I was in San Diego. It was insane! He made my signed card appear inside of a Grey Goose bottle!”

Kevin Dillon - Actor, "Entourage"
San Diego Chargers - Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

“The party was great before he came, but he will be what made the birthday celebration memorable for years to come! I could not recommend him more.”

San Diego Chargers - Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships
President / CEO - Aspen Marketing Services

“I’ve hired Nick for almost 20 years now for both my corporate and private events. I’ll never hesitate to bring him in to really add that special touch for my customers!”

President / CEO - Aspen Marketing Services
President / CEO - Ascent Real Estate

“Nick’s illusions are a thing of beauty and blow my mind, and it was a unique and unexpected extra that made our party that much more awesome. We would highly recommend him and plan to have him again for the next party. Thanks Nick!”

President / CEO - Ascent Real Estate



    Nick prides himself on his professionalism of his trade and his reputation as San Diego’s Top Magician. He arrives 20 minutes early, treats all guest with the utmost respect (even the skeptics and naysayers), and is always dressed appropriately. Whether he is entertaining grandma and the kids, or the CEO – Nick is sure to leave that professional touch.


    Let’s be honest, events and parties never go exactly as expected – sometimes audiences can be unpredictable too. Nick is quick on his feet, able to think on the fly to adapt to his audience to insure a relevant, successful and unforgettable performance for your event.

  • 100% Clean Content

    Everything in Nick’s acts have been designed clean – even though his programs are typically geared for adult audiences, everything has to pass the HR test and the grandma test.


    Anyone can do a trick. The difference is that Nick is able to take that trick and turn it into a unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever. Nick’s performances brings you back to that childlike state when we believed that everything was possible. When you got that tingle of excitement and bewilderment, and the awe of amusement.

A UNIQUE, FUN, INTERACTIVE and memorable experience for all your EVENTS…
What kind of ENTERTAINMENT are you looking for?

  • About Nick

    For over 2 decades, Nick Ivory has dominated the world of magic performing all over the country at high-powered corporate functions, weekly evening shows at local venues, and exclusive private parties. His visionary approach to the art escapes the confines of tradition and has given birth to a new breed of modern mysticism. Nick lives in a world of awe and mystery that breaks the conventional laws of reality; a world where nothing is impossible; a world of Magic.

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